Getting Takeout Without the OrderOnMyWay App as Told by Seinfeld

On your way home from work you think about what you'll do for dinner. After remembering how last time went, you decide to do takeout.


and you think about how great it'd be to order your favorite dish from a local restaurant.


So you call ahead to order your dish but can't hear anyone on the other end of the phone. 


Now you'll have to inconveniently order in person.


You assume you'll be in and out, but when you walk through the door and see the line...


And of course, the new employee doesn't know what your "usual" is...


Naturally, you look like a diva making your customized, and oddly specific order.


Then you wait for your order, thinking about all the better things you could be doing with your time...

giphy (8).gif

Exhausted from the ordeal, you get home to realize they forgot something!


When, all the while, you could've saved the time and hassle by ordering with OrderOnMyWay, an online ordering app that lets you save and reorder favorites with a couple taps.