Call Ahead Ordering as Told by Parks and Recreation

Lunchtime at the office rolls around, and you didn't bring your lunch again, well, because...


You decide to order locally, but that unfortunately means you have to call in your order


You can never hear them correctly, and it's always too loud on the other end.


You place your order, not quite sure of what you agreed to.


You arrive at the restaurant, only to discover they never wrote down your order.


Now you have to wait, like everyone else, for your order to be ready.


Now running late for your meeting, you grab your meal and rush back to the office.


Upon opening your bag, you realize that your food is NOT what your ordered.


You eat your food, irritated, when you could've used OrderOnMyWay, a helpful new app that allows you to quickly save and reorder your favorite dishes on your phone with just a few taps.